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What we do

As part of our commitment to deliver services that ultimately lead to better lives for patients, Bionical ensures that every service is supported to meet the evolving requirements of our audience. Our Clinical business unit, in particular, Clinical Trial Supply has a continued aim to streamline the Clinical Trial Supply process. Enabling access to commercial medicines and ancillary supplies for use in Clinical Trials as our core focus, we have developed a system that helps our clients manage individual projects and product orders in the form of an easy to use web-based application, YourBionical™.

Why we do it

Through experience and collaborating with our clients, we have tailored the YourBionical™ system to suit a variety of customers. Whether it be an end-to-end clinical drug supply from pre-clinical to Phase IV, to sourcing and supplying ancillary products, YourBionical™ challenges the norm of project management to the benefit of our clients.

How we do it

YourBionical™ user friendly interface allows our clients to follow each project on the web-based desktop system alongside the YourBionical™ App. The App, compatible with any Apple and Android device, allows 24/7 live access to track projects, deliveries and all updates not only during office hours, but on the go.

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