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Quit Manager

Quit Manager is the market-leading data collection, management and reporting solution for Public Health Stop Smoking Services.

What we do

  • Web-based solution providing a comprehensive suite of tools allowing for full cycle management of patients’ care and support during their attempt to quit smoking
  • Easy access for data collection, management and reporting
  • Maps to your service enabling management of appointments for one-to-one support, drop-ins, groups, telephone support and couple/family services
  • Reporting function offers wide range of real-time dynamic information including medication, cost-management and local quit rates
  • Automatically generates HSIC returns and quarterly reports
  • Functionality to manage and generate provider invoices if required
  • Intuitive interface collects all the requirements of the Gold Standard Monitoring form
  • Fully customisable

Why we do it

Quit Manager is proven to help Stop Smoking Services to run more efficiently with the result that more smokers successfully quit. Users of the system are provided with tools to help manage the patient’s episode of care, capturing their progress, providing reminders of key milestones and allowing for harm reduction management. This helps to deliver the best possible support for the quit attempt.

Commissioners and users of the system can quickly report on progress, map trends and current success rates and plan accordingly. Superb cost management is achieved by inbuilt functionality which calculates the cost of medication per quit – or any outcome. The wealth of information available means designing the most efficient and effective service is made easy.

How we do it

Quit Manager is exceptionally feature-rich, giving a tailored suite of functions appropriate to all stakeholders. Commissioners, Stop Smoking Service Managers, Specialist Advisors, pharmacy staff and GPs all have their own tailored access to the system providing information appropriate to their role. This tailored access means clinical governance guidelines are adhered to.

A comprehensive tracking system allows direct entry of referrals and these can also be accepted directly from the National Referral System. The flexibility of Quit Manager is shown by the fact that it has quickly become established as an effective means of managing pregnant smokers within midwifery services and has had similar successful uptake in managing quit programmes within mental health services.

Communication with patients is state-of-the-art and includes text messaging of motivational messages and appointment reminders. Automated updating of the patient’s quit status is possible in response to what the patient is reporting. Full patient engagement is assured throughout the whole lifecycle of their quit attempt.

How can we help you?

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Head of Healthware

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