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The Infection Prevention Audit System (IPAS) is the UK’s leading software solution enabling healthcare organizations to manage their responsibilities relating to infection control.

What we do

  • Web-based solution providing a comprehensive suite of tools covering management of the full range of infection control programmes
  • Simple and intuitive interface allowing audit data to be recorded on any device
  • Easily configured to fully support the differing organizational structures encountered
  • DoH compliance reports immediately available across all user levels and Trust locations, including single and multiple wards, directorates and whole-Trust level
  • Compliance and trends data displayed in clear graphical format
  • Provides for the management of performance targets allowing local directives to be quickly implemented and effectively monitored

Why we do it

Careful auditing of the organization’s infection control responsibilities invariably results in improved performance, which translates to fewer people becoming infected.

IPAS allows users to improve the accuracy of the data being captured and also eases the process.


How we do it

IPAS is used by Clinical Nurse Managers, Infection Control Nurses and Infection Control Leads. The portfolio of programs covered includes Saving Lives; Hand Hygiene; Commode Audit; Essential Steps (Community Services); Health & Social Care Act (Code of Practice); Action Plan and Advanced Reporting with Safety Thermometer and Anti-Microbial Programme.

IPAS is well established, used across the UK and trusted. We offer deep experience and expertise in the application of software management systems in the monitoring of infection control.

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