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Bespoke Solutions

Bionical Digital creates innovative yet practical solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies who are looking to provide users with efficient and engaging applications. Many of the products created are built specifically for our clients to support digital transformation.

What we do

Our bespoke solutions can be designed, created and developed on any scale in order to meet our client and user requirements. Many of our solutions span the globe and are used by thousands of Patients, Physicians, Commercial and Clinical based teams.  From the creation of an online global validated physician & patient portal for Early Access Medicines to a European rare disease patient identification tool to support familial mapping, our in-house team are focused on delivering high quality outputs and effective training on any solution.  

Why we do it

Digital transformation is everywhere, and so are shiny apps that get used once until the next new shiny thing comes along. At Bionical our focus is on providing usable applications that are made simple, engaging, yet effective because the biggest competitor for us is often pen and paper! From iOS, Android or Web-based applications we will review each new challenge and see it as an opportunity to enhance experience for all.

How we do it

We strongly believe in implementing an insight-led approach to any solution and that is why our in-house team includes User Researchers, Solution Architects and UX Designers. For those solutions where patient identifiable information is held, we incorporate a validation process through the creation, development, QA and deployment phases.

How can we help you?

Gareth Davies

Joint CEO

+44 (0)1283 753220