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Med Select™

We recognise that each patient has a unique healthcare journey. We also believe that engagement is a critical component in improving outcomes. This is why we created MED Select™, an interactive tool for healthcare providers to create customised educational content for patients to enhance conversations in order to gather solutions to improve health.

What we do

Your main goal is to improve health outcomes. So shouldn’t your patient resources reflect this? Creating customised resources allows healthcare providers to speak to patients in their language, at their level of understanding, providing them with the tools they need to engage with their care, improving their health.

Ultimately, the customised educational material that our programs provide are used by the healthcare professional to help patients understand their condition and recommended treatment. Moving back a step, the medical sales specialist gets to engage with the healthcare professional to design the specific material needed. At the beginning of the process, the brand marketing team get to design an educational program, with our guidance, which helps them to optimise brand support.

Why we do it

The educational materials we provide give healthcare professionals a means of helping their patients learn important information about their condition and what they need to do to manage it. The result of this is that patients gain maximum benefit from the treatment recommended because they have been taught to understand.

Our unique offering allows the healthcare professional to customise the material to the appropriate culture, language, region and educational learning level of their patient. This results in custom material that has been optimised to the patient needs.

Our pharma and medical device company clients gain high quality interaction with target healthcare professionals, increased call numbers and longer time spent in calls.

How we do it

We have MSAs in place with many leading pharma and medical device companies and have now worked with more than 15,000 medical sales specialists to deliver our programs. As a consequence we have great knowledge of what it takes to design a smooth running and successful service delivering great results.

The exclusive global access we have to Elsevier, the world’s largest medical publisher, medical and scientific information means we offer our clients unmatched levels of content.

Working with the brand team to understand the challenges faced we assess how best to enhance patient engagement. We can provide training for the sales specialists on how to get the most from their engagement with the healthcare professional, and our system provides a wealth of insights on the results being achieved via our clear and user-friendly dashboard.

How can we help you?

Gareth Davies

Joint CEO

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