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Public Health & Lifestyle

Our range of non-promotional clinical services help individuals and whole communities to positively change behavior to improve their lives and the well-being of the wider population

What we do

  • Stop smoking services
  • Tobacco control services
  • NHS health checks
  • Making every contact count services
  • Parkinson's Disease treatment services
  • Sexual health services
  • Mental health and wellbeing services
  • Drug and alcohol assessment services

Why we do it?

Our services are based on sound evidence and specially designed to directly improve the lives of the people we serve. Our practices are informed by the best available evidence, and by working with passion, drive, commitment and an unwavering focus on the patient. We are proud to be recognized as delivery exceptional standards of care that make a real difference.

How we do it

The success achieved by our services has come from our approach in working with academic and policy makers to help define the most effective means of service delivery. A rigorous understanding of the psychology of behavioral change, and a detailed knowledge of assets available to implement this means we are experts in identifying tailored interventions that produce outstanding results.

We work to understand what behavior needs to change, by who, and why. We then gather together all available evidence and determine what are the critical success factors to help achieve behavioral change.

Do you have a question about this service?

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Group Commercial Director & Head of Communications Business Unit

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