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Clinical & Patient Engagement

We bring together expertise from across the company that enable our clients to enhance communication and engagement with patients and healthcare professionals, bringing clarity and building confidence to improve patient care and adherence.

What we do

We develop customized solutions that improve adherence and persistence through enhanced multi-channel communication, delivering education and support for healthcare professionals and patients.

Our behavioral science team brings insight and expertise to solutions that enhance the understanding of disease management and provides tools and skills to achieve improved health outcomes.

We work closely with all stakeholders to develop services that integrate field, phone and digital solutions to enable efficient and effective outcomes providing individualized patient care.

Typical Services within our core capability include :-

  • Field Nursing :- Home education, home treatment, HCP education, site clinical support
  • Remote Services :- nurse or customer service led, inbound and outbound, patient care lines, adherence / persistence programs, e-mail / text / fulfillment
  • Digital Services :- Patient and HCP apps, including reminders and assessments, web based portals for HCPs and patients, solutions integrated to wearable technology, portals to link to homecare logistics
  • Clinical Educators :- In-home patient training & education, Device training, HCP in-servicing
  • Remote Services :- Nurse or customer service led, inbound and outbound, patient care lines, adherence and persistence programs, e-mail, text

Why we do it?

Our corporate focus at Bionical is to improve health outcomes for patients and this drives our approach to the services we deliver. 

Whilst we have embedded processes and policies that are clearly required from a governance and regulatory perspective, we do not have an ‘off the shelf’ approach to service development. We prefer to work in partnership with our clients, developing a tailored program of healthcare support that has been crafted with a full appreciation of the needs and capabilities of the patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals and that will deliver exceptional outcomes.

Experience has taught us that this individual approach gives a better solution for all, leading us to build all of our programs in this way.

How we do it

The design of a unique solution needs a thorough understanding of the opportunity and the challenges faced. Our approach therefore always starts with a focus on insights, patient journey mapping and the identification of key barriers for the patient, their caregivers, the HCPs and the locations from which they operate.

Once all involved have a full understanding of the journey and the potential barriers and pressure points, we are then able to consider the desired outcomes, from both a clinical and a program perspective. With a clear understanding of budget, we will then make recommendations to you that align to the needs of all parties.

Our solutions are multifaceted, and often once the journey mapping is completed, several channels are utilized to create a tailored service. At all times, we retain one central patient record to enable the assessment of the various intervention and continual assessment and enhancement of our services.

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