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Insight & Research

Our team of experts at The Insight Lab work with our clients to help them create services and solutions that are carefully designed to deliver exactly what their end-users want and need.

What we do

  • With industry-leading expertise in applied psychology, user-centered design and human computer interaction, our team of experts provide consultancy to understand how a solution or system can better meet user needs. This allows for the creation of experiences that support, engage and ultimately deliver better outcomes
  • Techniques such as interviews, observations and workshops are used to understand the behaviors and needs of our clients’ core user groups, and inform the creation of services, websites and apps.
  • Tailored methods and techniques to review existing services and solutions – whether undertaking an expert usability review, or gaining feedback from end users, our outputs provide clear evidence to help inform decisions.
  • Provide usability testing to identify how to make websites and applications easier to use, and more effective. From navigation redesign, to the use of colors and text, our tangible recommendations ensure valuable, insightful outputs.

Why we do it?

By understanding your users' behaviors, wants and needs, we can make sure that the design of your solution or service results in an experience that is engaging, easy to use, and intuitive. This means that you will see increased uptake, users will get a better experience, and ultimately, your platform will deliver improved outcomes. Everyone wins.

This project has provided us with a deeper understanding of who our customers are, what their requirements are when visiting our website as well as in general interaction with us as a business. The insight services have provided Maintel with a foundation which ensures not only that we develop our website to be fit for purpose but also enables us to work more proactively on further developments to meet the needs of all of our stakeholders; customers, employees, partners, investors etc. It has given us knowledge around how we can better present our business and our value proposition, the level of detail our visitors want to see in different categories of information and how they prefer to interact with us.

Marketing Director Maintel

How we do it

With PhDs in disciplines such as Human Computer Interaction and Human Factors, our expert team has a wealth of experience which spans both academia and industry.  We use our expertize to work with clients to develop a tailored plan to understand their unique problem space and the needs of the end users within this.

Whether conducting interviews, or performing observations, we know how to ask the right questions and interpret the answers, to gain genuinely useful, robust insights. We use this evidence when working collaboratively with client teams, designers and developers, to ensure that user needs are kept at the heart of whatever is being created. 

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Head of Insights

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