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Direct Recruitment

We identify talented individuals who have a passion for improving patient outcomes. We do this through tailored and creative solutions designed to provide you peace of mind knowing your positions are receiving the “high touch” experience required to make your company stand out to candidates.

Our highly skilled Recruitment Team at Bionical is structured to be flexible and nimble, allowing us to supply the best talent in the industry. Our approach goes beyond the resume, and even deeper than the interview, our goal is understanding. Understanding your needs and aligning that need with a candidate's motivation, experience, and character to the highest level is the key to success. Our process involves insights and behavioral motivations that lead to the best possible fit, ensuring the best possible talent to join your company. Our vast networks allow us to source the best possible candidates who will achieve our shared goal of improving patient outcomes.

What we do

Services within our core capability are flexible and always tailored exactly to your needs:

  • Direct Recruitment Services sourcing headcount for your internal head office positions, operations, marketing, sales, and clinical personnel
  • Expansion and Vacancy recruitment services
  • Recruitment consulting services assisting and guiding your recruitment journey
  • Credentialing services to allow speed of productivity for field teams
  • On-site facilitation for meetings and hiring events

Case Studies

Why we do it?

Our satisfaction comes from adding strong talent to our client teams. Our years of recruiting have allowed us to develop seamless processes that offer a great candidate experience as well as keeping the hiring process moving and decreasing your ‘time to fill’. At Bionical, we want our client partners to have confidence knowing that we are connected to your business and will bring recruiting solutions that are designed to help you achieve your goals.

How we do it

We listen carefully to what you have to tell us. We make sure we fully understand your needs and make recommendations that are in tune with your culture and objectives. By outlining a comprehensive draft of where and how Bionical fits into the process, we then meet with you and map out the final, agreed upon, process.

Throughout the recruitment process we pay careful attention to identifying the best match from both the client and the individual candidate perspectives. Our specialist recruiters are highly experienced in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device sectors of the industry. Offering extensive networks of top talent with varying backgrounds and experience to ensure candidates presented are tailored exactly to you and your customer’s needs.

Our flexibility allows us to recalibrate when needed to quickly make any changes necessary to enhance or improve the process. Our goal is to become an extension of your company’s recruiting function. From the start and beyond the finish line, we offer our clients the highest level of personalized service and satisfaction.


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