Commercial - Bionical


We partner with our clients to understand business challenges, working together to provide Contract Sales and Clinical Educator solutions that ensure achievement of your goals. We take a collaborative approach to create strategies and tactics that enhance HCP and patient engagements all with the ultimate goal improving patient outcomes.

What we do

  • Highly skilled and specialized Field Sales Teams
  • Flexible e-detailing and contact center solutions
  • Clinical Specialists and Educators supporting Pre and Post-launch, Full-Time, Part Time and Per Diem
  • Clinical Call Center programs
  • Proprietary scheduling portals to support Nurse Educator Services
  • Training and Coaching for high level engagements
  • Full service back-office support

Why we do it?

We have a strong track record of delivering high performing commercial teams for our clients. Securing talent with the skills required to deliver on goals, while establishing excellent relationships with customers. Our ultimate goal is to build supportive partnerships and deliver sales growth while improving patient outcomes.

How we do it

The challenges faced by our various clients are sometimes similar, but are never identical and so we never use an off the shelf solution. We offer tailored solutions that are customized to each client and their individual needs.

We take a disruptive approach and challenge the norms in our drive to reach new, exciting and successful solutions. We listen carefully to what you have to tell us, ask questions and check that we are on the right track. We are both innovative and creative, and take care to be realistic so our recommendations will be in tune with your culture and objectives.

Our specialist recruiters are highly experienced in the pharmaceutical, biotech and device industries, offering informed insight to the challenges faced and strong and empathetic relationships with extensive networks of top talent.

Do you have a question about this service?

Gareth Davies

Group Commercial Director & Head of Communications Business Unit

+44 (0)1283 753220