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Clinical & Health Outcomes

Best in class care for patients

Here at Bionical Solutions, we are passionate about giving patients the very best care.
It shows in our 99% satisfaction score for nurse-led services!

Patients receive the very best care, and our clients receive real-time data which ensures they always have a full and up to date picture of activity on their service.

What we do

Our Clinical & Health Outcomes Division is made up of passionate healthcare professionals who put the patient first in everything they do.  Our teams deliver clinical services across primary, secondary and homecare settings and strive every day to empower patients to live independently and to their fullest potential. We believe that every experience matters.

Typical Services within our core capability include: -

Healthcare Professional, patient and carer education

  • Face to Face / Virtual and Remote Solutions led by our experience Nurses
  • HCAs and Patient Care Advisors

Patient Support Programmes

  • In-Clinic nurse services

Within Clinical & Health Outcomes, our services integrate health technology and home delivery and we provide data capture, reporting and full analytics as standard. Clinical recruitment and vacancy management services are available on request.

Why we do it

Bionical’s corporate focus is to improve health outcomes and enhance patient and healthcare professional experience. 

Whilst we have embedded processes and policies that are clearly required from a governance and regulatory perspective, we do not have an ‘off the shelf’ approach to service development. We prefer to work in partnership with our clients, developing a tailored programme of healthcare support that has been crafted with a full appreciation of the needs and capabilities of the patients, carers and healthcare professionals and that will deliver exceptional outcomes.

Experience has taught us that this individual approach gives a better solution for all and so all our programmes are built in this way.

How we do it

The design of a unique solution needs a thorough understanding of the opportunity and indeed, the challenges faced. Our approach therefore always starts with a focus on insights, patient journey mapping and the identification of key barriers for the patient, their carers, the healthcare professionals and the locations from which they operate.

Once all involved have a full understanding of the journey and the potential barriers and pressure points, we are then able to consider the desired outcomes, from both a clinical and a programme perspective. With a clear understanding of budget, we will then make recommendations to you that align to the needs of all stakeholders.

Our solutions are multifaceted, and often once the journey mapping is completed, several channels are utilised to create a tailored service. At all times, we retain one central patient record to enable the assessment of the various intervention and continual assessment and enhancement of our services.

How can we help you?

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