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Laura Northedge talks about UX/Interaction Design at Bionical

I strongly believe that empathy and the ability to understand the real needs of another person are essential parts of being a UX/Interaction Designer. This is the foundation from which I solve the problems posed to me.

UX is about understanding how a process needs to work to support the user of a platform or system. This understanding and a good eye for design help me to communicate and present my ideas effectively and ultimately design more effective experiences.

A typical Bionical UX project (there is no typical UX project by the way!) always starts off with robustly identifying and understanding the user’s needs - this is led by our Insight team and is achieved through various techniques such as foundational research, landscape scanning, client workshops, stakeholder interviews and observations. Once armed with a clear set of objectives we then work with the Insight team to produce user journeys, task flows, low-fidelity paper-based sketches, and wireframes to validate ideas before moving onto coded prototypes and then onto hi-fidelity “finished” designs. As we move along the process, we continually test and review the designs both internally and also with our clients and end-users, to ensure the final result is not only beautiful, but also effectively meets identified needs.

I joined Bionical in May 2017 and was initially attracted by their enthusiasm and passion for research as well as their customer-driven approach. The Digital team at Bionical is full of experienced and talented people with a range of skills and backgrounds and even though I have over 10 years design experience I still continue to grow and learn more about UX every day!

I am looking forward to working on a wide variety of new upcoming projects throughout 2018, as well as moving to our brand new purpose built office at Willington, Mercia Marina.

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