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Bionical Recognises International Women's Day

Today 8 March is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme: #PressforProgress. Every day, women all over the world give their all to build communities.

On International Women’s Day, CEO, Bionical Group, Graham “Mac” McIntosh, says, “At Bionical, people are our business. We are committed to building an organisation that is diverse and reflects the make- up of today’s society. We ensure that all employees are offered opportunities based on their talent and potential and we are pleased and proud to support International Women’s Day.”

At Bionical, we have the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes, and there are several ways in which we make strides to accomplish this. We asked five women across the company what inspires them to take part in our mission and how view their role in helping us do this. Here’s what they had to say.


“Bionical has allowed me the freedom to work progressively and bring new ideas to the table. I thoroughly enjoy working in an environment which encourages innovation and the freedom to explore new and innovative solutions which will provide improved outcomes for our clients and ultimately patients. Working for Bionical has enabled me to maintain a healthy work/life balance where family always comes first. I enjoy working for a company where I am encouraged to work collaboratively with my colleagues and the wider business where my opinions are valued by all (regardless of gender!).”

Claire Coombs
Head of Multichannel Operations – Bionical Health Outcomes


“I co-founded The Insight Lab in 2013 because I am passionate about the role that research plays in the creation of user-focused solutions and services. Since being acquired by Bionical, the Insight Lab has grown in both size and direction, and we have more and more opportunity to make a real difference to both Patients and Healthcare Professionals through the work that we do. This is only possible with the support of the business, and like-minded colleagues, who are each brilliant in their own way. I am proud to work alongside a group of inspirational women – both in my team, and as part of the wider Bionical business - who are striving to make that difference, every day.”

Emily Webber
Head of Insights


“I joined Bionical back in 2014 as part of their graduate scheme, since then I have been given an ample amount of opportunities to develop and nurture my career. I’ve been encouraged to step out of my comfort zone, challenging the processes we use along the way. This has enabled me to make a difference in not only the day to day processes we have developed, but also the long term plans we have within CTS moving forward. I’ve been lucky to have a supportive and inspiring team of managers to work closely with and learn from daily. I feel extremely passionate about the work we do in CTS and believe a lot of our successes are down to the fantastic team we have here and the encouragement we all give each other. I have close relationships with not only my colleagues, but my customers too who are ultimately working towards saving and improving the lives of extremely poorly patients. I’m grateful to Bionical for giving me the opportunity to play a part in influencing the future of medicine for us all.”

Laura Frost
Senior Account Manager – Bionical Clinical


“Bionical is a vibrant, exciting and fun company to work for. There is a culture of energy and passion for the services that we provide our customers and ultimately the patients, which are found at the centre of everything we do. Bionical has allowed me to grow and develop in many areas and has provided me with opportunities to further my career. I love working in this dynamic, nimble and fun environment as it allows me to think freely, be myself and be part of a fantastic team”.

Sally Woolston
Operational Excellence Director – Bionical Health Outcomes


“Working at Bionical has enabled a continuous progression in confidence in myself, from starting my career as a Graduate to delivering as a Manager. I enjoy working for a company that invests in individuals and encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve the most rewarding results. Bionical has given me a great opportunity to learn in an environment where Quality is standard, and I intend to maintain this throughout my career here so that we can make a difference for patients.”

Megan Shardlow
Quality Manager – Bionical Clinical