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Bionical LLC Expands Digital Capability with New Creative Director

Bionical LLC, a partner to the pharmaceutical and device industry, has announced the hire of Christine Wallet as Creative Director. The role was created as Bionical expands its digital capability, which plays a pivotal role in the company’s mission to improve patient outcomes.

Christine will be based in the company’s U.S. headquarters in Hillsborough, NJ. She will focus much of her attention on MED Select™, the company’s flagship engagement platform designed to create customized educational materials for healthcare providers to use with patients. This platform has helped create meaningful conversations with patients, driving up engagement, and getting to the root of what motivates adherence, paving the way to set forth a plan that helps patients better understand disease state and management.

Andy Woolf, CEO, US of Bionical remarks, “We are thrilled to welcome Christine to Bionical. As patients increasingly seek ways that will make managing their health easier, we want Bionical to be on the forefront on innovation in this area. Christine comes armed with experience and a fresh, new vision of how we can provide further groundbreaking ways to achieve this. Her skills perfectly compliment those of our team at Bionical. With this, we’ll disrupt this fast-growing industry by continuing to launch innovative products and services to extend our digital platform.”

On joining Bionical, Christine says, “I’m excited to create meaningful work that will ultimately affect how patients view and manage their health. I’m happy to take part in this journey and create new solutions that will lead to better outcomes for patients.”

Christine studied at Temple University with a concentration in Advertising Design.