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Bionical Group Ltd today announces the launch of Bionical-Clinical Early Access Programs (EAP)

Bionical Clinical EAP is the first and only global specialist Early Access Program partner that harnesses the full power of an established and successful Clinical Research Organization whilst applying a deep understanding of the global EAP environment for the benefit of pharma clients, healthcare professionals and patients.

Early Access Programs (often called Pre-approval Access, Compassionate Use, Named Patient, Expanded Access, Managed Access Programs) deliver lifesaving treatments to patients around the world.

Bionical Clinical EAP in-house services include:

  • EAP strategy, policy development and program design
  • Global regulatory expertise
  • Full pharmacovigilance services
  • High or low touch EAP delivery dependant on requirements enabled by full CRO model
  • Real World Evidence and Patient Reported Outcomes generation and utilization
  • 24/7 multilingual medical, nurse and pharmacist support
  • Digital department and Insights Lab for EAP pathway design and request management system development
  • Tried and tested clinical QMS systems, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities, Quality Assurance and full licence structure

“We are deeply committed to Improving Patient Outcomes for current and future generations and our goal is to provide timely and appropriate treatment access to patients in desperate need.”, said Tom Watson, Executive Vice President, Bionical Clinical EAP.

“With the patient at the heart of everything we do, it is the blend of vast global EAP experience across hundreds of programs in Oncology, Rare and Neurodegenerative disease areas combined with a perfectly complimentary range of in-house services that sets Bionical-Clinical EAP apart.”, Watson continued.

The whole area of access to investigational medicines has had a huge focus recently, being placed as a high priority for governments globally with patients around the world demanding earlier access to critical treatments.

“Having spent many years partnering with Pharma and Biotech companies in the Early Access space, it is clear that Bionical has developed the ideal range of services to support Pharma and Biotech large and small. The Bionical ethos of ‘Improving Patient Outcomes’ represents a culture that has perfect timing within the current evolving EAP environment”, concluded Watson.

“We are extremely excited to announce this new patient centric service within our Clinical Business Unit. Enabling patients to access vitally important drugs fits perfectly into what we are all about as an organisation. Our whole philosophy is focused on Improving Patient Outcomes.” Graham ‘Mac’ McIntosh, CEO, Bionical Group.

For enquires on how Bionical Clinical EAP can support please contact:


EVP Bionical Clinical EAP
UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7741 625657
US Mobile: +1 (908) 386 3483

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Everyone at Bionical shares an energy and passion to deliver services that ultimately lead to better lives for patients. We deliver better access to medicines, provide healthcare professionals with unique tools to enhance patient communication and improve outcomes. We do this by combining a perfect blend of services via our Clinical, Communications and Health Outcomes business units.