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Bionical Commercial Team Expansion, Bringing Market Experts to Our Clients

Jodi Schulteis has joined the Bionical team bringing with her robust expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. As healthcare continues to evolve, there is increasing need to provide value based products and services to align pharmaceutical, healthcare provider, and patient needs under one umbrella. Jodi’s expertise across multiple facets of the healthcare industry from startup to big pharma; CSO to manufacturer; and device to diagnostics is a fantastic addition to the Bionical team.

Jodi cites one of the reasons for joining Bionical is the patient focus and overarching mission to improve patient outcomes. “I’ve always believed in focusing on other people. The decisions we make in the life sciences industry have wide-ranging effects on managing patient health. I’m excited to share this mission with Bionical and look forward to identifying new opportunities.” Jodi has vast industry experience, with over 20-years in the pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostics industry. This experience is with start-ups all the way through market leading pharmaceutical companies as well as with market-leading CSOs, and everything in between.

Bionical offers our clients services and products to support their objectives from early stages of clinical development through to commercialization. To accomplish this we must continue to attract talented individuals like Jodi with diverse backgrounds and those with expertise in various segments of the market.

President, Bionical Commercial Services, Wendy Wolf remarks, “Jodi brings expanded experience to our team, which is always our goal to better serve our clients. Jodi’s experience with startup and large pharma is key as well as her work with Clinical Health Consultants and Registered Dieticians. This breadth of knowledge and experience will allow the Bionical team give our clients an unparalleled edge in the market.”

Jodi is a welcome addition to the Bionical team! You can see her full profile here