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Be safe online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Bargains to be had, but are you ready for the onslaught of phishing emails?

The bargains available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (24/27 November),  are plenty and hand in hand with this, we often see an increase in some of the typical phishing attempts trying to steal our information, logins, financial details and anything else they can get their hands on.

Usually, as an online shopper, we would delete that typical ‘Your delivery has failed’ email purporting to be from well-known courier companies such as DPD, UPS or even the Royal Mail. Mainly because the first thought is “I wasn’t expecting a delivery”! However, with us all increasing our online purchases over the festive period, these types of attack are going to resonate with more people.

Don’t let these attempts spoil your Christmas, some of the guidance below can help;

  • First and foremost – be vigilant, don’t rush to ‘click that link’ or ‘open attachments’.
  • Float the mouse pointer over any links before clicking – does it look legitimate or out of place?
  • Look at the sender’s email address, is it correct for the company they are representing?
  • What does the formatting look like? Is it well formatted/professional?
  • Is the language well written? Poor spelling and language skills can be a tell-tale sign of phishing.

Further Resources:

National Cyber Security Centre – Phishing Guidance

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