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Andy Woolf, CEO, US of Bionical Named as PM360 ELITE Disruptor

Bionical, a partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, is pleased to announce that Andy Woolf, CEO, US has been named to PM360’s 2017 ELITE Disruptors list. The winners from this prestigious award were released on May 19th.

Bionical prides itself on disrupting the norm. With a specialty in healthcare, and an expert team of psychologists trained in uncovering user motivations, the company is perfectly positioned to create and foster improved communication with patients that drives adherence and ultimately leads to improved outcomes.

The company’s flagship engagement platform, MED Select™, was created to increase engagement between sales reps and HCPs and HCPs and patients. It accomplished this through customizing educational pieces created for patients, speaking in their language, and showing images and graphics that are representative of individuals with a particular diagnosis. Up next for Andy and the Digital team at Bionical is to create to additional products to be utilized by patients and sales reps to further enhance the patient experience.

On being named to the PM360 ELITE Disruptors list, Andy Woolf comments, "It’s an honor for our team to be named among such inspiring company. This recognition is an illustration of Bionical‘s understanding that to truly make a difference in improving patient outcomes, disrupting norms has to be at the core."