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Clinical Trial Supply

Clinical trials are the heart of healthcare, creating new pathways and developments in improving patient outcomes. We provide flexible and efficient support to meet the evolving requirements of your clinical trials.

What we do

We are experts in the sourcing of comparator, reference or investigational products, as well as any other clinical trial materials (for example, co-meds, pre-meds, rescue therapies). Through our unique global network of manufacturers and authorized distributors, underpinned by our market leading quality management system, we provide customized end-to-end clinical drug supply solutions, from pre-clinical to phase IV.  Our established processes  ensure we can access the most challenging / restricted products for clinical trials and Biosimilar development, whilst operating to the highest standards of governance, quality and customer service.

Quality is at the core of what we do and how we operate. Our in-house quality & regulatory team work to support all of our client partnerships throughout the journey of their product development.

Our capabilities are further expanded into the field of clinical governance to provide fully integrated named patient programs and nursing solutions to further enhance patient care and outcomes.

Why we do it?

Innovation is key to our clients. It is the underlying drive which fuels the search for new medicines, improved delivery systems and formulations. By creating access to all of the clinical supply components needed to run the trials underpinning research, we help to speed the process.

A thorough understanding of our clients’ needs is essential. We work with them to consider issues raised by the location of the trial sites, the requirements of the HCPs or researchers undertaking the study and also the needs of the patients involved. This detailed knowledge allows the creation of customized solutions which can be scaled appropriately.

Our focus on patient outcomes has led to industry-leading early access and named patient programs. We have also pioneered a range of nursing solutions to support patients in research programs, using both field-based and phone-based options.

How we do it

Experience has taught us that the best solution for a client is one that has been designed especially for them. Off the shelf solutions aren’t good enough. In working to deliver a solution, we allow our values to drive our approach. We are inquisitive, creative and empathetic and are confident enough to be disruptive too when necessary! We are thorough in our analysis of the environmental and market factors which apply, and ultimately collaborate closely to create a tailored solution.



Bionical holds the following licenses and certifications:

  • Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (Human) (WDA (H) 36296)
  • Manufacturer’s "Specials" License (MS 36296)
  • Home Office Controlled Drug License
  • MHRA Certificate of GDP Compliance of a Wholesale Distributor

Copies of licenses and certifications are available upon request

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