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Committed to improving patient outcomes

Accelerating product approval. Enhancing engagement. Supporting behavior change.

Driven to deliver results

Everyone at Bionical shares an energy and passion to deliver services that ultimately lead to better lives for patients. We deliver better access to medicines, improve patient adherence/persistence with prescribed treatments and provide healthcare professionals with unique tools to enhance patient communication. Our expertise in behavioral science gives our clients insight into designing services optimally for real world challenges.

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Areas of Expertise

Shortening of R&D timelines by efficient running of clinical trials

Shortening R&D timelines by rapid sourcing of supplies needed to run successful trials

Unique tools to enhance healthcare professional engagement

Expertise in the supply of specialist sales teams

Clinical services designed to change behaviors to enhance wellbeing

Using applied psychology and UX insight to create solutions that optimize user engagement

Specialist healthcare digital agency

Specialists in recruitment and executive search for sales and marketing jobs in healthcare

Med Select™

At Bionical, we recognize that each patient has a unique healthcare journey. We also believe that engagement is a critical component in improving outcomes. This is why we created MED Select™, an interactive tool for healthcare providers to create customized educational content for patients to enhance conversations in order to gather solutions to improve health.

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Bionical’s International Infrastructure

Bionical delivers a wide range of market leading services internationally through its EU and US hubs.

Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Supply services operate globally through our offices in USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the UK.

Commercial, Clinical and Patient Engagement services are delivered in the US and UK/EU through our in-country teams.

Public Health and Lifestyle services are delivered in the UK.